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We built our first auction for the Pacific Coast Cutting Horses Association stallion service auction back in 2007.  Since that time we have worked with over 30 various associations, clubs, ranches and farms to design and build online livestock auctions that work for them to make them more money. 
Since 2007 Millions and Millions of Dollars worth of stallion services, horses and other livestock have been sold using it.

We have listened to all the client feature requests and have rolled them all up into a modern design that is easy for the bidders AND easy for anyone to manage.

Credit Card Required Before Bidding (optional)

This is probably the biggest issue we have heard over the years were deadbeat bidders.  People who bid, but then never paid.  The associations had little recourse.  You can require a credit card be entered securely before people can bid!

Process Payment with the Credit Card on file (optional)

Tthe software allows the bidder to pay online for their purchases or the Administrator can process them.

Automatic Credit Card Convenience Fee (optional)

Along with the credit card processing, the software can be configured to add a 'Convenience Fee' percentage to the total to help recover their added costs using credit cards.

Maximum Bidding

Just like eBay, a bidder can put in a Maximum Bid and the software will continue to automatically increase the bid by the minimum bid increment until the Maximum Bid is reached.  This way a bidder can set a bid and forget it.  But don't worry, they will get an email when ever the automatic bidding kicks in.  They will always know where they stand!

Extended Bidding (optional)

This is a configured amount of time, for example 5 minutes, that is added on to the time left to bid for each animal at the end of the auction.  This allows bidders to continue bidding past the auction conclusion and there is no longer a race to get your bid in at the last possible second!  Fantastic for bidding wars to drive up the prices!

Consider this scenario:  A bidder Jones enters a bid for Sparky for $1000 with 3 minutes left in the auction.  Sparky's time to the end of his auction is extended 5 minutes, 2 minutes past the overall conclusion of the auction.  Bidder Smith really wants Sparky.  Smith bids $1500 for Sparky when there was 1 minute left on Sparky's extended time which extends it another 5 minutes.  Jones decides he has had enough, puts in a bid for $3000!  Smith decides that he does not want poor Sparky that bad and stops bidding.  5 minutes after Jones's last bid, Sparky's auction closes for good.

Buy It Now

What happens after the auction is over with unsold livestock? Easy, they can automatically go into 'Buy It Now' mode with a price you set in the administration area. The auction can stay in Buy It Now mode as long as you like and you set the end date.

For example, a proven producing bull starting bid was set to see what the market would tolerate. He did not get any bids in the auction. But the administrator set a 'Buy It Now' price so after the auction was over, a more realistic price was set. Then anyone can just click the button and 'Buy Him Now'!


Bidders can choose any auction item as Favorites and only view the Favorites.  This helps when there are lots of items in the auction as it allows the bidders to more easily keep track of the items they are interested in.

Bid Visibility

Bidders at anytime can view all their bids, only the bids they are winning or only the bids they have lost.  This insures bidders know exactly what they have bid and where they stand.

New Bidder Email Account Verification (optional).

When a bidder registers, they are sent a link to verify there email address.  This helps prevent spammers and fraud as the email address used for their account must be legitimate.

Automatic Email Notifications

Bidders receive emails when they register, when they bid, when they are out bid, when they have won the auction and when they purchased an item at the 'Buy It Now' price.

Automatic Password Retrieval

Bidders can have an email sent to them to reset their password when they forget it.

Additional Livestock Information (optional)

Any animal in the auction can have much more information added to their details page, along with as many images as they want and even videos (YouTube).

Reference Sires (optional)

Stallions and Bulls can be entered into a 'Reference Sires' category where bids are not permitted.  This allows for more background on the animals in the auction.

Enhanced Bidding Notifications

When a bidder has bid on an item, that item will have a bright green border around it and will let the bidder know visually if they have the winning bid.  It will have a red border if they have been outbid.

Responsive Design

Works and looks great on any size device, from a Phone to a Tablet to a TV.

Configurable Paging

The administrator can modify the number of animals on one page and it displays paging icons to jump to specific pages. This is great for auctions with many animals!


Allows searching for any animals name or number.

Not JUST Livestock Auctions

The auction can be configured for other types of auctions as well. Consider a fund raising auction, or other types of auctions that ranches, farms and you can run at anytime.

Upgraded and New Features!

Extended Bidding Animals to the Top!

When the auction is over and bidding is extended, those animals that have continuing bidding will be listed at the top. This will help to show off the animals yet to be sold to increase bids!

Winners can Pay By Check or Credit Card

Another client requested feature, now the winning bidder or Buy It Now purchaser can pay by check and can be recorded for reporting.

Enhanced Reporting for Administrators

Many client requested reports to make the 'After Auction' process simple.

Many other more minor customer requested enhancements!

After each year, we gather feedback from our clients to make the auction better. Each year, at no extra cost, we incoporate as many as we can! It gets better and better every year!

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